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    In diesem Jahr beteiligt sich das Institut für Informatik wieder am Mädchen-Zukunftstag.

    Wenn Du schon immer mal wissen wolltest, worum es in der Informatik eigentlich geht, und Du in der 8.-10. Klasse bist, komm am Girls' Day doch einfach zu uns!


    Currently, the term NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) is on everyone's lips in networking. Another emerging topic is Big Data - born from the fact that more and more data are generated and analyzed to get valuable insights. In April this year, the Chair of Communication Networks (Informatik III) organizes jointly with Prof. Hotho a summer school for Master and PhD students on both topics

    Copyright ESA/Rosetta/Philae/ROLIS/DLR

    ROSETTA delivered the PHILAE lander with very high precision at comet 67P Churjumov-Gerassimenko and PHILAE landed well. In deviation from the plan the harpoons did not fire to fix PHILAE on the comet's surface, so he seems to have landed twice. But PHILAE is on the surface, exciting measurement data are acquired and transferred to Earth. Prof. Klaus Schilling, who had responsibilities in the mission feasibility and definition phases followed this mission for 25 years, attended this event live in the European Space Control Center ESOC.


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