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    Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Faculty Board

    Term: October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2017

    Prof. Dr. Alexander Wolff

    Vice Dean
    Prof. Dr. Christian Kanzow

    Dean of Studies
    Prof. Dr. Peter Müller


    Representatives of professors
    Prof. Dr. Roland Griesmaier
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Samuel Kounev
    Prof. Dr. Andreas Nüchter

    Prof. Dr. Oliver Roth
    Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Weigand

    Representatives of academic staff
    Dr. Marianus Ifland
    Dr. Wolfgang Weigel

    Representative of other staff
    Yosry Morsi

    Representatives of students (since October 1, 2016)
    Philipp Muth
    Franziska Krusche

    Women´s representative
    Prof. Dr. Birgit Lugrin

    The faculty board began its work with the first meeting on October 29, 2015.
    Front row from left to right: Prof. Wolff, Prof. Lugrin, Mrs. Skippe, Mr. Hein, Mr. Morsi, Prof. Roth, Prof. Hotho, Dr. Greiner (guest). Back row from left to right: Prof. Kanzow, Dr. Weigel Prof Weigand, Prof. Müller, Prof. Kounev, Prof Griesmaier, Dr. Ifland. Missing: Prof. Nüchter

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