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    Wie verhalten sich Fußgänger in einer großen Menge? Wie vermeiden sie Kollisionen? Wie lassen sich ihre Wege modellieren? Antworten auf diese Fragen gibt ein neuer Ansatz von Mathematikern aus Würzburg und Nizza.

    Dr. Christian Reitwießner

    At the ceremony commemorating the University foundation on May 13th, Christian Reitwießner was awarded the joint PhD award of the Lower-Franconian Memorial Foundation for Science and the University of Würzburg. Christian completed his dissertation "Multiobjective Optimization and Language Equations" last year and then spent a year as a Postdoc in Chile.


    Olympic Games: Since everyone thinks first of athletics, decathlon and fencing. But mathematics also organizes a national and international showdown. As training camp and competition venue for the "Math Olympiad", the University of Würzburg has established.



    How should we build the future Internet? International researchers will discuss possible answers to this question on 23rd and 24th of July at University of Würzburg. This EuroView workshop will be organized by the Chair of Communication Networks.


    "Internet Science" has been established as an interdisciplinary area between computer science and social sciences. Computer scientists, psychologists and lawyers who work in this exciting area at the University of WÜrzburg have joined forces and founded a Center for Internet Research (IRC).

    In the IRC, the scientists organize regular workshops on topics such as the Internet architecture, social networks, cloud computing and innovative Web-2.0 applications. In their research, they create interactive maps for the Internet or extend the publication tagging system BibSonomy, to name just two examples.



    on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, Zuse Lecture Hall

    Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes (University of Constance): Network effects.


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