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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science


At the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, rooms A001 and A002 on the ground floor of the Computer Science building M2,  rooms E37 and E40 on the ground floor of building Z8 (Computer Centre) and room 01.103 on the 1st floor of the Library and Seminar Centre on the North Campus are available as computer pools under the Linux and/or Windows operating system.

Windows is installed in room E37.
Windows and Linux are installed on the computers in rooms A001, A002, E40 and 01.103, where you can choose between the operating systems when booting.

Access to the computer rooms is granted with the help of the student ID card, a staff card or a transponder.

The JMU account is used to access the computers.

The computer pool can be used during the opening hours of the respective building.

During certain times, individual pool rooms may be reserved (exercises, maintenance, etc.). At other times, it is available to all persons with valid accounts.

The legal basis for this is provided by the Benutzungsordnung für Informationsverarbeitungssysteme der Universität Würzburg and the Benutzungsordnung für das Hochschulnetz der Universität Würzburg, which you can view on the pages of the Legal Department in the currently valid version.