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April 8th - April 15th 2015: Summer School for Master and PhD Students on "NFV meets Big Data"


Currently, the term NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) is on everyone's lips in networking. Another emerging topic is Big Data - born from the fact that more and more data are generated and analyzed to get valuable insights. In April this year, the Chair of Communication Networks (Informatik III) organizes jointly with Prof. Hotho a summer school for Master and PhD students on both topics

Quelle & Copyright: Matthias Hartmann

First, the focus is on the introduction, definition and implementation of the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm in communication networks to allow NFV. Well-known speakers from academia present possible applications, analyse drawbacks of proposed realisations, and foster the discussion about both SDN and NFV. Hands-on sessions are held in order to apply the acquired knowledge in practise.

The second part addresses the need for information and knowledge of the overall network system to perform an adjustment in the communication network. For this purpose, the term Big Data is introduced and its importance and applicability in the network is highlighted. It is shown, how the flood of data can be analysed and utilised within the network. Again, practical sessions will be offered that help to implement the theoretical knowledge in practise.

The school is concluded with leading speakers from industry, which highlight the discussed scientific research topics from an industry point of view.

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